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About the activity & how to play it

Some people living with dementia might have once loved a 500 or 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, but the chances are they’ll now find them too much of a struggle. Our 63 Piece Jigsaws are designed to bring all the same joy, while being a lot simpler.

The larger pieces help people to complete the jigsaw as independently as possible, giving them a greater sense of satisfaction and pride upon completion. 

The lovely images might even bring back memories, if they chose it for its reminiscence value. You can also spark a discussion using the questions inside the box or make up ones of your own.


You will need

  1. A selection of 63 Piece Jigsaws

The activity

  1. Encourage the person to choose a puzzle from a selection
  2. Sit them at a clear table or in their armchair, if they prefer, so they can do the puzzle inside the box on a tray
  3. Remove the puzzle pieces and arrange them evenly around the box
  4. Explain to the person that they’re going to recreate the image inside the lid of the box
  5. Encourage them to take one piece of the puzzle and think about where it should go
  6. It might be helpful to suggest that they begin with the corner pieces and then move to the edges, as these can guide where the rest of the pieces should go
  7. Suggest where a piece might go if they appear to be stuck and remind them to look at the image
  8. Praise them as the puzzle takes shape and when they get a piece in the right place
  9. Keep going until the puzzle is complete
  10. Allow the person time to admire and feel good about finishing their puzzle
  11. Spark a conversation about the puzzle using the questions on the inside of the box or make up your own

Top tip

Some of the puzzle themes can nicely lead onto another activity. For example, if someone is doing Monet’s Garden Puzzle, why not then create a flower arrangement for everyone to admire?

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