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About the activity & how to play it

Golf is a lovely, relaxing game for people of all ages. It’s a wonderful way to wile away an afternoon… playing a few holes, breathing in the fresh air and gently stretching the limbs.

Golf Target is a simpler version of the real thing, as it doesn’t require any clubs or golf balls to lose in the bunker. But it can still be just as relaxing and played outdoors.

Why not add a little fun to the game? Some jazzy coloured diamond socks, a tank top and wide flat floppy cap will really set the scene. Or create a bit of healthy competitive? Get your hands on a trophy and celebrate the end of the game with a swift half at the “19th” hole.


You'll need

  1. Active Minds Golf Target game
  2. A mock Masters Trophy for the winner (optional)
  3. Golf attire (optional)
  4. Lager shandies or soft drinks
  5. Pencil and score sheet

The Activity

  1. You can play with up to four people outdoors (if the sun is shining!) and up to eight indoors
  2. Lay the golf mats in a staggered fashion on the floor, making sure everyone can see them
  3. Demonstrate the game first and explain how the scoring will work
  4. Give each golfer a coloured bean bag and explain that it will be their “golf ball” for the game
  5. The first golfer steps up to throw the bean bag onto the 1st hole
  6. The next golfer then takes his or her turn at the 1st hole
  7. If someone has difficulty throwing the bags, move the green a little closer to them
  8. Take down the scores for each golfer, 100 for the hole, 50 for the green and 25 for the floor
  9. Move to the next green and take it in turns again, giving words of praise to everyone throughout the game
  10. When the third green has been played, move back to the first green again. They can be moved around the floor or stay where they are
  11. You can play the greens up to 18 times if the group is happy to continue or you can cut it at nine
  12. Once all the golfers have taken their turn, add up the scores
  13. The golfer with the highest score wins and can be awarded a mock Masters Trophy. It will be theirs to keep only until the next game when a new winner will be announced
  14. Head to the “19th hole” for a refreshing beverage to toast the end of the game

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