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About the activity & how to play it

Link & Think is a cognitive stimulation game that encourages great conversations. It helps people to share differences, commonalities and opinions across four different topics – Careers, Hobbies, Transport and Celebrity.  

We’ll ask questions like, “Is being a milkman harder than being a chef?”, “What takes longer, fishing or transporting?” and “Do you prefer Frank Sinatra or David Bowie?”

These games are a fantastic way to stimulate conversations within a small group and help people to get to know one another better.


You'll need

  1. Active Minds Link & Think game
  2. Images related to the set (optional)

The Activity

  1. Set up the activity by lying the tiles face down on a small table in a quiet room or area
  2. Explain to everyone that the game will help stretch their minds, as they’ll be encouraged to make links between the things written on the tiles
  3. The first person should roll the dice and follow the instructions
  4. If you are using the Celebrity game, it might be helpful to have photos of all the people, as residents might be more likely to recognise a face over a name
  5. Give people enough time to answer and explain why they linked the two together
  6. Once everyone has had a go, put the tiles face down again and shuffle a little to make sure different ones are picked the next time
  7. If the group is making the links too easily, why not use two different Link & Think sets to stretch their minds even further? For example, you could mix up Careers with Hobbies
  8. Keep playing for as long as everyone has the energy to link and think

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