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About the activity & how to play it

Timeslide Albums are four sets of reminiscence cards, spanning the themes of animals, loves, family and home, across the 1950s to 1970s era. They’re designed to evoke memories and prompt conversations around people's fondest memories.

The images teamed with the questions on the back will help jog memories and spark interesting conversations. They work particularly well, as experiences from childhood and early adulthood are often the most accessible.

This activity is great one-on-one or in a small group.


You will need

  1. Timeslide Albums
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The Activity

  1. Choose a space to sit that is quiet and private, if you’re doing this in a group
  2. Lay out the cards on the table and ask one person to choose an image for the group to look at
  3. Take the card and pass it around, so everyone has the chance to look
  4. The group leader or someone in the group, if they wish, can then read aloud the text on the back of the card
  5. Give the group time to share any memories and chat about the images
  6. Spark conversations using the questions on the back
  7. Don’t worry if some people don’t share any memories, they might just be happy looking at the images and listening to other people’s stories
  8. Once everyone has shared their memories of the card, you can ask the next person to pick a card – and so on until everyone has had a turn
  9. Explore as many cards as you like, you don’t have to look at all 15 in one session

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