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About the activity & how to play it

Our Creative Scenes are a great activity for people who used to like jigsaw puzzles, but now find them too much of a struggle.

Creative Scenes allows people to have fun creating their own picture – from The Baking Cupboard to The Tool Shed – using a set of magnetic pieces, which can be placed anyhow on the background board. 

It gives people the same sense of achievement but without the chance of getting it wrong, because any combination works perfectly.


You'll need

  1. Active Minds Creative Scenes

The Activity

  1. Find a quiet area to begin the activity
  2. Put the Creative Scene on clutter-free table laid with a plain tablecloth.
  3. Explain to the person that they are going to create their own scene using the magnetic pieces
  4. Encourage them to take the magnets and lay them on the background board. They can also be moved around as they go along
  5. Once they’ve finished, spend some time admiring their work and giving words of praise.
  6. Ask a few questions about the scene they’ve created. You can prepare your own questions or find inspiration inside the Creative Scene’s lid
  7. Bring the activity to life, with things that relate to the scene. For example, if using The Baking Cupboard, why not enjoy a cup of tea and some fluffy sponge cake afterwards? Or invite them to wind up some balls of wool if they’re completing The Sewing Box?

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