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About the activity & how to play it

This iconic board game has had a makeover and been simplified, with strong contrasting colours, to suit people living with dementia. Play it with our Dice Cards, too, as they’re easier to read and less likely to roll off the table and under a chair!

It’s a great game that allows friends and family of all ages to play and have fun together once again. 


You will need

  1. Snakes & Ladders game
  2. A small prize for the winner (optional)

The Activity

  1. Invite the group to sit at a table in a room with few distractions and noise
  2. Set up the board, having the counters and Dice Cards ready
  3. Ask each player to choose the coloured counter they’d like to play with (it might be helpful to write their name next to their colour to remind them which counter is theirs)
  4. Show everyone where to begin and which direction to move in, and how you move up the snakes and down the ladders
  5. Demonstrate how to use the Dice Cards
  6. Tell them that the winner is the first person to the treasure chest
  7. Repeat the instructions at any point during the game, if necessary
  8. Choose who will go first and invite them to select a dice card from your hand
  9. Encourage them to move their counter the correct number of spaces
  10. Count the spaces with them, if they need support
  11. Celebrate the winner when they land on the treasure and let them enjoy their victory. You could even give them a small prize, if you wish
  12. Play again if everyone is enjoying themselves

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